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Is the office of Mohammed Naeem Consulting Engineers Architectural role of leader in architectural and engineering design and field supervision and project management.

Founded in 1411 and his expertise extends to the office for more than 15 years in the house which dealt with distinction, with all kinds of commercial and residential projects, administrative, and contains the house engineering staff and technical expertise of a distinguished high position to which the consultancy work in real ALDAR in all their work to follow up on all that is new and unique .

Established the first headquarters of the Office in Riyadh, in 1422 and provides office at the moment a lot of engineering and design services provided to the offices and engineering companies and advisory services.


Work through participation in the implementation of some infrastructure projects to promote and responsibility in the national reconstruction and to move towards a bright future.

Work to refine the rights of Saudi Arabia through its integration in the construction process and by putting it in a position of responsibility in project management and supervision of the implementation to be tender and Vera success wreath surround this man.

Gradually shift from local to regional and global, so the company does not remain restricted to operate in one geographical area but outside the borders will go to Saudi Arabia from the Gulf Countries and the Arab world and beyond major step different world countries in order to interact with international developments to take advantage of them first engage in the context of scientific and technological progress which does not stop at the end.

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